What an In-Home Photoshoot looks like!


I want to show you what an In-Home Photoshoot can look like when you don’t have any babies around! 

We often think of having a professional photoshoot done when we have a newborn in the house but we’d love you to consider having a shoot no matter what your childrens’ ages! I heard once that it is good for a child’s self esteem to see photos of themselves displayed in the home. But I think it’ must be good for all of us! To be reminded daily of the different stages your family has gone through, how it has grown from when the two of you were just starting out.

I love starting an In-Home photoshoot on the master bed – you know that place where everyone turns up at some point!

I don’t know about you but we usually had at least one little visitor slide in beside us at some point during the night when they were very young! I think the master bed can be a bit like the kitchen table – the heart of family life! 

I will always grab a few headshots of everyone when we’re here. I absolutely love close up shots where you can see a glimpse of others in the background. 

Capturing activities such as story-time or mealtime is a great way to help everyone feel comfortable in front of the camera. Doing activities during an In-Home shoot means you get engrossed in what you are doing and you can forget about me a little! Kids especially will stop performing for the camera at this point and this helps us capture something real for you. 

Focusing on details is really important to me. One of the things that moves me most is hands – I always pay attention to what hands are doing and love nothing more than when a teenager allows themselves to be embraced by Mum or Dad. Seriously, the tears flow when I see this (don’t worry, I won’t be crying in front of you, it’s only when I’m sitting alone editing!)

Capturing portraits of each child on their own with their parents is really important to me. Especially in a large family I think it’s lovely for a child to know they have their own special place.

These are the days when your house is chaotic, filled with the noise and busy-ness that is family life. But some day there will come a time when things gets quiet. When there is a lull in the noise and the mayhem. Which is lovely yes, but it’s even better when all around you is the evidence of what once was. I want to help bring you back into these moments. Those minutes when you paused for a moment to nurse your little one or to chat with your teen about what was going on for them. Remember those moments when maybe you caught your partner’s eye above the little heads running around and thought “look what we’ve got!”. 

We want you to be able to revisit those moments through images and love the idea of capturing family life at all ages and stages. And especially capturing the normal – the authentic real you. Your own home, whether you live in a palace or a tiny terrace is just that – it’s yours. And its your childrens’ home. It’s always going to be the most special place in the world for them. 

So think about having an in-home photoshoot where we preserve some moments in time. You can enquire here https://hippyandbloom.ie.

You can also find us on IG https://www.instagram.com/hippyandbloom/

and of course FB https://www.facebook.com/hippyandbloom

We look forward to hearing from you!

Thank you to all 10 amazing Shearers for inviting me into their home to capture some of their mayhem!


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