Fine Art School Portraits

Our modern approach to school photography has one aim: to provide parents with beautiful, natural and authentic portraits of their children showing their unique personalities. Our portraits capture the essence of the child. No awkward poses and no forced smiles – just the real, raw and authentic child on the day. The experience for the children is relaxed and fun where they can be themselves, just the way they are, naturally. 

A Positive Photographic Experience:


Gentle on your child – It is important to us that each child has a positive experience with us. There is no pressure to perform for the camera! An important feature is we don’t use flash photography!  This allows children of all needs to relax better in the process.

Gentle on the environment – no plastic in our packaging, and no wasteful proofs!

Gentle on your pocket – We offer a carefully curated range of simple & affordable packages to keep things simple and available to all. 


As mums ourselves we are used to helping children relax with us. We take the time to learn your child’s name and build up a little rapport – it takes just a minute and does not slow our process but the result is that children relax and open up a little, allowing us to capture truly authentic portraits of them at this stage in their young life.


Parents are given access to their own private online gallery where they can view ALL the images of their child and choose the ones THEY like the best! We don’t choose for you!


After photo day we handle all communication with parents via our secure online gallery platform, thus freeing up the school from the usual admin associated with school photographs. No paper proofs, no cash and super easy! 


Award-winning photographers, we take pride in creating beautifully edited natural portraits!

As a small company we are able to provide a truly personal service.

We consciously minimise the use of plastic in our packaging and product offerings. 

10% of the Net Profit will be donated back to your school.

Contact Us to find out if we are the right fit for your school.