About Hippy & Bloom Photography

Bronwyn O’Brien

Love, Light, Laughter and Adventure

My passion for photography began over 14 years ago. I was gifted a Canon camera by my husband who worked for Canon then and I spent most of that time taking pictures of my four children. I captured their every move, as I realized quickly how fast it was all going. I wanted to remember every part of the journey. Of parenthood and their childhood, to have these images to look back on of the good times, adventures and memories we all had together.  I loved the imperfect images the most as they captured their true personalities, filled with laughter, mischief and fun. To me they were perfect and if I am honest this was when I became obsessed with this style of photography.

It was only when I was stopped in my tracks over two years ago on the sudden passing of my Mom that I decided to turn this passion into a business. She believed in me and it was time to believe in myself. I treasure the pictures I have of her and her bubbly personality they keep me smiling.

For me family photography is the most important type of photography out there. In our busy life’s sometimes it is hard to put into words our feelings about the people we love the most. Through my images I can give this to families by capturing their genuine connections and relationships of love, laughter and adventure. Where they can look at the image and feel the emotion, connection and love. This means everything to me as I believe that these are the moments worth remembering.


Sharon Smith

Authenticity, Honesty and Creativity!

“Jack talked about how music is essentially twelve notes between any octave. Twelve notes and the octave repeats. It’s the same story told over and over, forever. All any artist can offer the world is how they see those twelve notes. That’s it.” Bobby – A Star is Born

Just like songwriting, anyone can take a photograph, get the light right, focus and press the shutter. But not everyone sees people the same way I do. Authenticity is everything to me. I think that throughout life we are encouraged to hide our true selves, to conform to these odd rules that society makes up, to pretend we are other than we are. As women we are supposed to wear a mask of makeup, we are meant to have curves (or not) in all the “right” places. We wear the clothes that the fashion industry dictates. And the rules are forever changing! I used to be so angry as a little girl. I didn’t see why I couldn’t be as strong as the boys. Why I couldn’t be as tall, wear trousers and play the same games if I wanted to be a proper girl.  I  was supposed to be soft, and gentle and sweet. Society has these ideas of what it is to be feminine and I was supposed to obey the rules. And then as I grew into a woman the rules changed further – my body became this “sexy” object, my face drew attention I didn’t want – it was harder and harder to just be the person I felt I was. Until recently I had forgotten about this struggle but it explains so much about what drives me forward. It is so important to me to see and value each individual because that is how I want to be seen. I want our voices to be heard without fear of judgement. Women, men, children, don’t be afraid to be the real you. It is the people who are honest and authentic who change the world. Not the sheep. 

Authenticity comes into everything I do. I like to make images that are both beautiful and real, capturing emotion. Images that celebrate the person and the journey they are on, be it a new mother and her baby, women as they adapt to their changing bodies, even people at the end of their life. I had the great pleasure and privilege of attending a Breastfeeding Portraiture Workshop with the amazing photographer Jade Beall, whose work promotes positive body image – a backlash against society’s current obsession with whatever a ‘perfect’ body is supposed to look like. She shows you that your body is perfect just the way it is. That you are perfect just the way you are. And that’s what I want to do to. Because you are perfect. We all are. Just the way we are. 


Caravan Sisters

SO this is us many many moons ago! Bronwyn is the dainty one holding a nice dancers pose there at the back and Sharon is the messer being strangled. Little did we know, way back then, how our lives would come together again! We both returned to this beach hideaway as adults with our own kids and discovered a wonderful friendship with a shared passion for photography (and gin but we won’t go into that here..…) Summer after summer we hid ourselves away and lived the simple life with days on the beach and long chats into the night where we would sort out the world. Renewed and refreshed after a summer of sand, sea and simple living we’d return home with new ideas for the year ahead. Usually these were kinda simple, like ‘5-days of lunch box fillers’ (and yes we know that sounds REALLY boring but we also know there are more than a few of you out there who’d like to see that list….). BUT one year we came home with a different idea and Hippy & Bloom Photography was born.

Call Bronwyn 087 3112015 or Sharon 087 8512340 or email us to make an enquiry.