Bronwyn O’Brien​
Family Photographer
When I was young, I loved to free my mind through dance. Movement is really important to me. I spent my summers horse-riding and running wild and free barefoot in the sand. When I finished school, I travelled the world. I like to think that this love of movement, nature and beautiful places inspires my work.

I returned to Ireland and married my husband. A big change occurred on the birth of our second child when I left my corporate career in Real Estate to invest my time and energy full-time into our children.

My children are the reason I picked up my camera in the first place – I wanted to record their every move. To remember every part of this crazy and amazing journey when I would eventually come up for air. I became obsessed with a more natural style of photography. All that I couldn’t put into words. The photographs of our adventures together and their happy, dirty faces gave me the reassurance that what I was doing was “ENOUGH”! 

In an effort to learn more about my own children I trained and worked as a Montessori Teacher. I soon learnt that to be a good teacher requires an ability to really connect. To be able to instil in the child a confidence that empowers their own self-belief. Something I bring into my photography sessions now for both the adults as well as the children!

It was only on the sudden passing of my beautiful Mom, that I decided to turn this passion into a business. She always believed in me and now it was time to believe in myself. I treasure the pictures of her and her bubbly personality, they keep me smiling.

I get really excited about life. Little things inspire me. My passion is to share my excitement with the world. And show others the beauty in what already exists. We don’t have to look for more, there’s already so much!

Sharon Smith
Baby & Motherhood Photographer

My own journey as a mother informs my work. It was a transition that took me by surprise. I know what it is to love a child and I know what it is to have days so dark you want to hide, even from yourself. I want to honour the ‘ordinary’ and to show just how extraordinary it actually is. Sometimes we can’t see the beauty in the life we are living. We are overwhelmed and we are tired.  But I believe that it’s important to make images and record something of these early and intense days. There will come a time when we can look back with fondness and even compassion for ourselves. My aim is to capture the beautiful, authentic you and to help you feel comfortable with the process. 

My journey to photography is not straightforward. Having started out as nurse, I also trained in psychotherapy.  After more than 16 years as a stay-at-home mum, and a brief return to nursing, I finally decided to turn a long-held interest in photography into something more.  I love what I do because not only do I get to have my dream job, I also get to look after the people who come in front of my camera!

In addition to all the training Bronwyn and I have done together, in 2018 I travelled to Tucson, Arizona to train with motherhood & body positive photographer Jade Beall . I am currently studying Therapeutic Photography with Neil Gibson of Robert Gordon University 

My most precious possessions are the very first photos made of each of my children. I see them and I am brought right back into each moment. I can feel again their little warm weight in my arms and the wonder at what we had created. And now, all these years later I can finally acknowledge that in those moments I was actually good enough.

This is what I want for you.


Our journey into this business began together with a simple night class – little did we know where it would lead! 

From that moment we haven’t stopped learning. In January 2018, we travelled to Nashville, USA to train with world renowned Family and Newborn photographer Julia Kelleher. We continue our education with her as part of an ongoing business mentorship programme.

In 2020 we both earned our licentiateship as professional photographers with the IPPVA. This was a proud moment for us!

We continue to learn and train with many renowned photographers including Stormy SolisTwig & OliveElena S BlairThe Milky WaySandra Coan, Jackie Jean Photography and Little White Photography to name but a few.

Our learning will never end as we strive to perfect our craft and make sure our clients get the very best!

The Caravan Sisters

SO this is us many many moons ago! Bronwyn is the dainty one holding a nice dancers pose there at the back and Sharon is the messer being strangled. Little did we know, way back then, how our lives would come together again! We both returned to this beach hideaway as adults with our own kids and discovered a wonderful friendship with a shared passion for photography (and gin but we won’t go into that here..…) Summer after summer we hid ourselves away and lived the simple life with days on the beach and long chats into the night where we would sort out the world. Renewed and refreshed after a summer of sand, sea and simple living we’d return home with new ideas for the year ahead. Usually these were kinda simple, like ‘5-days of lunch box fillers’ (and yes we know that sounds REALLY boring but we also know there are more than a few of you out there who’d like to see that list….). BUT one year we came home with a different idea and Hippy & Bloom Photography was born.