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4 Reasons Why You Should Have A Family Photo Shoot In Spring

Spring brings with it a fresh feeling of hope and warmth with the light on sunny evenings making a beautiful backdrop for your family photographs. After a cold winter we’re all itching to get outside and take advantage of the longer days, warmer weather and explosion of nature.

1. I’ve always loved spring shoots as they bring with them a feeling full of joy and excitement-this year more than ever when it will be wonderful to be getting out, seeing our friends again and making plans. The warmer drier and longer days are enough to excite anyone. There is new growth on the trees and often a blanket of flowers daffodil’s, snowdrops, bluebells or cherry blossoms. 

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2. The light is usually lower than in the summer, giving a beauty to our photographs which can be very dramatic if we are dodging the occasional April shower with a sky full of cloud. 

I am a lover of backlight, as I’m sure you’ve noticed if you’ve peeked around my website a little bit. Although the days are getting longer in spring, sunset is still early enough that you do not have to keep the kids up super late to take advantage of an evening family photo session. (Family sessions in spring typically start around 6pm- 7pm, while in summer, by comparison they start more towards 8pm-9pm). Find out HERE why we shoot one hour before sunset.

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3. Clothing changes from winter to spring and this alters the look of your pictures. From March to May, the weather can warm up considerably so we can leave those cute duffle coats and woollen hats at home. By May we may be in summer dresses, shorts and t-shirts depending on what the weather has in store. It tends not to be really hot though which is ideal as photographing in the midst of a heatwave can be tricky if children get too warm and tempers fray. Spring, like autumn, often has the best of both worlds with that magic combination of light, temperature and mood.

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4. And nothing lifts that mood like a holiday. The Easter break and May half term give ample opportunities for midweek photo shoots as well as the option for Saturday and Sunday sessions, as is the case throughout the year. A bright early start on a midweek morning can reward us with empty woods and beaches. This always feels extra special as well as giving us photographic opportunities without other people in our pictures. Or, importantly, without us getting in the way of other woodland or beach visitors.

Spring is usually a little less busy too and if your kids are like mine they are itching to get outside after a long winter of cabin fever. You and your family will be more than ready for a fun adventure!

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