How to capture those beautiful newborn moments

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capture beautiful newborn moments

There is so much to do when you’re preparing for your new baby. In all the excitement of preparing the nursery, attending your antenatal classes, packing for the hospital and doctors appointments, it’s hard to remember everything. And in the aftermath of giving birth, it’s too easy to not capture those beautiful newborn moments. One of my biggest regrets is not taking more pictures of my babies when they first arrived. Their first 48 hours with me. I have one “first” picture of each of them. And really, I nearly eat these photos every single time  look at them. I can’t get enough of being brought back into those early moments!

Life is different

With Covid, things have changed rapidly over the past year. Social distancing and hospital restrictions are set to be with us for some time to come. So now, more than ever, it’s so important to make sure you are capturing those not to be missed moments. Whether they are in the hospital or the early days in your own home. With visitors limited it’s important to share with everyone who can’t be there with you. Here are my top tips on how to capture those beautiful newborn moments

Capture those beautiful newborn moments

All Of You

“The first time ever I saw your face” Oh it’s you! Make sure you capture the magical moments when you meet your little one face to face for the first time. You won’t be able to take your eyes off them. 

Don’t forget Dad Dad is usually busy trying to take care of everyone. In awe of his woman and overwhelmed by his new responsibilities. Don’t forget to capture him in the quiet moments, just loving his baby.

Meeting Siblings Siblings meeting the newest member of the family is really special. These first touches and tender moments are not to be missed. Soon enough they will be back to their usual antics . But this first meeting is always full of wonder.

Capture those beautiful newborn moments

First Family Portrait Take a moment to grab a first family photo of you all as you start out on this journey together. It doesn’t matter if you’re not all looking at the camera. This actually helps create a sweeter, more tender moment


On their own

Tiny Toes Some day when they’re as tall as you it will be hard to believe how small they once were. If you can make yourself stop kissing them, capture their tiny toes.capture those beautiful newborn moments

Holding Hands His tiny fingers wrapped around your own. That innocence and trust. A bond that will never be broken. These images are priceless in years to come.

Tiny Details The newborn phase is so fleeting. Make sure to capture all her expressions, yawns, funny faces, and stretches. Don’t forget to take close ups of her little ears, tiny fingernails and the soft downy hair that covers her shoulders. These are all newborn features that disappear so quickly. Take pictures of the hospital room, the bassinet, gifts and flowers you have been sent. Remember too the hospital name card in his cot. And his wrist and ankle bracelets. These are all things that will become a distant memory in your busy lives ahead!

Going Home One of the most important journeys you will ever make! You will have planned your baby’s going home outfit long before he arrived. Take a photo of him dressed and ready to leave. Make sure to remember the start of this, your grand adventure together. 

capture those beautiful newborn moments


Capturing the image

Use the natural light Make sure to turn off the flash on your phone or camera. If possible turn off overhead lights. Bring the bassinet right over to the window. If the sunlight is too strong, place the subject just out of this direct light. Or use the blinds to diffuse the light and make it softer on baby.

Unposed is best Don’t worry about posing your baby. Just swaddle her and lay her in the cot. Capture all those close up details, all the stretches and yawns and delicate features.

Remove clutter Take a quick look around and remove anything that doesn’t belong in your story. You possibly DON’T want your neighbour’s suitcase commemorated in your own photos forever. Or a pile of dirty clothes lurking in the background.

Low aperture If you are using your camera and know how to do this, switching to a low aperture will help blur out the background. This will give you a lovely soft dreamy look and help to disguise some of that clutter.

Near and far away Get up close to your subjects to capture the details. As well as all those important initial connections. 

But don’t forget to step back and take in the whole scene too. You will want to remember this later. Capture the memory in your mind as well as on your camera. And then when you are ready, we’re here to capture those beautiful moments for you.


capture those beautiful newborn moments


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