Probably just like you I am a busy Mom. Time is flying, it is complete chaos but I am the queen of recovery so it all gets done!

When my first baby boy arrived over 15 years ago my passion for photography really grew. Our three babies followed and I realized how fast time was moving and how precious it all felt, however chaotic! I wanted to capture it all, us as we were in all our wonderful chaos. It worried me that I would forget all the good times as soon as I came up for air.

I progressed to a digital camera where I was able to play around more freely (not costing myself a fortune developing film!) and it was then that I slowly became obsessed with a more natural style of photography. It enabled me to capture who we really were as a family, our true personalities, madness and laughter. Not realizing it was a “style” of photography at that time, I took pictures of EVERYTHING.

It is only now that they have grown I have found the time to go through these digital images. I get lost in them for days looking back and seeing their little mischievous personalities and feeling their kisses, hugs and laughter  transforms me back into a place that I loved allowing me to remember who they were then.


Over 3 years ago I was totally stopped in my tracks when my beautiful Mom and best friend passed away. My heart was broken. I scrambled for pictures of her, as in the early days I feared that I would forget her lovely face. I am grateful now I took so many pictures over the years. I treasure the pictures I have of her. Some of the more natural ones trigger memories and feelings that keep me smiling. I can see her bubbly personality and feel her acts of wonderful affection.

It was at this time I absolutely submerged myself in the world of photography and if I am honest, it got me through some of the darkest days of grief. She believed in me it was time to believe in myself, so after a day on the beach with my friend and anchor, Sharon Smith (someone whom my Mom adored!), Hippy and Bloom was born.


Right from the start we took ourselves very seriously and headed off to America on a road trip to Nashville, Tennesse, and on to Clarkesville to meet one of America’s renowned Newborn Photographers and business women Julia Kelleher. We had purchased her workshops online and we decided to take the plunge and meet her in person. In true Irish style we got snowed into the workshop and had to stay the night!!! Julia was very generous with her information especially after a few of our “Irish” cocktails and honestly are heads were bursting with excitement, as with some hard work we realised that we could provide these new found skills to our Irish families and newborns. She got the ball rolling for us! She believed in us and gave us the permission to be who we wanted to be in the World Of Photography. We signed up to every workshop we could afford when we returned, both Sharon & I now honing in on our individual styles and ideas.


I am driven to be the best that I can be for my Irish families. I am studying and practicing everything I can to enable me to provide my people with images that I am proud of. Ones I know that they will have for years to come and most of all ones that they can feel long after the person has gone.