You have booked your family photoshoot but If you are anything like me with busy day to day life before you know it the photo shoot is almost upon you and you are madly checking the weather and figuring out what everyone should wear. And then all of a sudden, panic sets in!

Don’t panic, you are in luck! I have organised this guide for you so lets work together to ensure that that the overall look and feel of your final image will represent your true family’s style and personality, you will be delighted you did-I promise!




A well known characteristic of being Irish is our inability to accept a compliment and our sometimes lack of confidence to just go out there and be ourselves. Well I encourage you please, to do just that! I want you to look and feel comfortable and relaxed while confidently looking the best version of yourself. I encourage you to choose something you take pride in wearing, an outfit that makes you feel beautiful!

Once you have found something that you feel amazing in, then work the rest of the family around that. I encourage Moms to wear long dresses or Kimono’s something that has some transparency and texture which will allow movement which photographs beautifully.

Next look at your skin tone. If you are about to pop on your favourite red winter knit or dress have a look in a mirror in natural light if possible and look for any colour reflections under your chin. Does the colour of your top give your skin an altered appearance? Does it make your normally rosy complexion more ruddy. Does that grey top make you look washed out, or does that rusted colour give your skin a sallow appearance? 


After you choose your clothing, dress the rest of the family. Take your outfit and use it as inspiration for other outfits. A good idea is to take two or three base neutral tones to start with and find different ways to incorporate your pops of colour in the other outfits for your family. This is where they can express their own sense of style to highlight their personalities within your family.

Take some time to consider the colours that will surround you as these will influence the colours that will work best for your shoot. During the spring and summer nature provides a softer colour palette, think pretty spring flowers or long grasses in the summer. During the autumn and winter there can be much more brown, gold and orange. With this in mind, soft neutral colours tend to work well on beach and field locations in the summer whilst deep, bold earthy colours can work well during autumn and winter in wood locations. I am more than happy to discuss colour tones with you for your decided location.

Avoid clothing with words/large logos on the front, neon or bright colours particularly bright reds, oranges and pinks.


Think about the environment you are going to be photographed in. What kind of clothes would you usually wear there. Make sure you look cohesive as a family and that you are all dressed for the same weather, location and occasion.

Dressing for the temperature outside is so important! If you’re kids are cold and miserable they will not photograph well. Embrace the cold with layers and texture. Knit jumpers are something that photograph well. Layering and using different textures can add a lot of dimension and visual interest to your outfits and photos. Think, gilets, cardigans and jackets particularly during early spring and autumn when the weather is cooler. Putting a solid colour cardigan over a dress or a blazer with a t-shirt and jeans can add just that extra little touch of style that makes a portrait special.

Shirts with collars are fantastic for framing the face.

Hats and Scarves are great for adding colour and interest. 

Shoes are usually forgotten and are important. Make sure they are neat and go with the outfit and suit the location. Make sure they are clean. Or better still consider going bare foot if the location allows! 

If you wear foundation, ensure that the coverage is even and there are no lines around the neck. If you go for spray tan, that is absolutely fine, just don’t overdo it or it could appear orange and muddy looking in your images. 

If you are a hair up person, make sure you choose a style suitable for the day – you don’t want to constantly be fighting the wind blowing stray hairs over your face.



Above all I respect and encourage you to choose your wardrobe with your own unique style and ideas. Your clothes really do tell a story about who you are and it is so important to me that your family’s true personalities shine through in your finished image. If you wish to style your shoot a certain way, please feel comfortable in doing so. These photos are going on your wall in your home to be looked at and adored by you for years to come.

If you would like to book your own Hippy & Bloom photoshoot, please get in touch to discuss your requirements. You can email me at hello@hippyandbloom.ie or visit my contact page.

Bronwyn X