In-home or In-Studio Newborn Photoshoot – How to Choose!

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Having a newborn photoshoot is such a special way to celebrate this new stage in your family. Here at Hippy and Bloom we take a lifestyle approach to our photography. We want to capture the real you in an authentic way. We use gentle guided posing to bring out the connection and emotion between you. You won’t see babies in buckets here but you will see two types of newborn sessions and we want to help you decide which one is best for you -an In-home or In-studio newborn photoshoot  Read on to learn more about the different approaches and it might help you decide!


Staying at home for your photoshoot brings with it the convenience of not having to travel. We all know what it’s like trying to pack up and get out the door with a new baby in tow. It usually takes more than one attempt to actually make it to the car! When we come to your home you don’t have to worry about any of that. You have everything you need there with you. 

This becomes an especially important consideration when it comes to older children. Siblings will be more comfortable in their own surroundings. They are more likely to just be themselves and so we can capture a bit more of their true personality. It also makes it easier when we take breaks during a session. They can disappear to their toys and get away from it all. You will have easy access to their snacks etc and when all else fails and they have just had enough – bingo! They are already home and free to leave us. 

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Your space:

Taking your photos in the familiar surroundings of your home lends itself the the storytelling element of the work. You’re in your own precious space and looking back at the photos you will be reminded of all that was going on at the time. How your home looked – the chaos and the beauty of it all – all this is part of your story at the moment. It is worth recording. We don’t expect you to live in a palace. We just need one area with lovely natural light and every home has that.

Your baby too will be in familiar surroundings – the smells and the sounds. All this will help keep them relaxed during the shoot. Images taken at home are powerful ways to bring you back into these intense moments, long after they have gone. 

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Our space:

That said, maybe you are in a rented house or you’re staying with family. It might be that you just don’t want outsiders coming into your space. As a private person myself, I totally get that. A studio session with us offers the chance to concentrate just on you. The clutter and the chaos is stripped away and the simplicity of our all-white space brings the attention to just you. 

We still use a relaxed approach to posing. We still concentrate on the connection and emotion between you. 

It’s just a cleaner look and it might be one you prefer when it comes to making prints for your home. 

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